Todd Kramis Photography
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Our landscape photography and fine art prints are scenes from the real world, awe-inspiring scenes of tranquility and wonder.

These images represent sculptures of stone formed and made by a mind wiser than Einstein, a hand more skillful than Michelangelo.

The compositions of color, light and balance were such that I, unable to improve upon them, simply captured them, in hopes of elevating the thoughts of those who wish to remember.

Be comforted. These places, though perhaps far from you, are there for you. They are parts of the home we all share.

By placing these representations in your homes, offices, public places and publications my hearts desire is to bring peace to the chaos that tries to get to all of us.

I wish to inspire every viewer with the knowledge that they are able scale any mountain- overcome any unrest in their life by focusing on the peak and relishing every step of the journey.

Enjoy your stay here.

Take some time, breathe deep, and take a look around.

Welcome to life.